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Date Posted: 14/06/2020

Many of you will know Gillian & Roger Le Page. They are fondly looked upon by many as the unofficial ‘grandparents’ of the Manelanders community.

On 12th September Gillian is due to take part in the Thames Bridge Challenge, walking 25km from Putney Bridge to Southwark raising money for the British Heart Foundation.

Roger credits BHF for still being able to enjoy Guernsey FC games, his pacemaker was funded by the BHF.

Gillian explains why she is taking part "The BHF has helped halve the number of people dying from heart and circulatory disease in the UK but sadly every day hundreds of people lose their lives. It's only thanks to support from people like us that the BHF can create new treatments and discover new cures. £24 could pay for two hours of research by an early career scientist, but every pound helps so please give what you can to help me hit my target. Thanks!"

If anyone can support Gillian she would be ever so grateful.

Good luck Gillian - we are all behind you.