GFC new away shirt confirmed

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GFC new away shirt confirmed

Date Posted: 08/08/2018

With Guernsey's first away game of the season now only days away, we can confirm the winning shirt design for our white away strip.
Over the summer break, we asked you to help us prepare for the 2018/19 campaign by selecting a brand new design for our away shirt. Supporters were given four choices, with design number two the clear winner via votes on Facebook, Twitter and by email. It features a double green vertical stripe down one side of the front of the shirt, through the club badge.
Shortly after however, club captain and defender Simon Geall suggested an amendment to the style we'd put forward, with the vertical stripes moving across away from the club badge so as not to obscure it. We put this amendment back to the vote, and you the fans made your voices heard once again - so, we can now announce that the majority of you opted for version 2.2.
As it happens we won't be wearing the new short just yet, as despite being away on Saturday in our opening game, Whyteleafe also play in white, so the Green Lions will be wearing their third-choice purple kit. So you'll have to wait a little longer to see it in action.
The replica version will be available to purchase very soon.