Guernsey FC Football Fans in Training Back for the Second Half!

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Date Posted: 16/09/2020

Following the success of the first Football Fans in Training Programme, Guernsey FC, in association with the Health Improvement Commission, is pleased to announce that it will be holding a second programme commencing on Wednesday 23rd September 

Football Fans in Training runs for 12-weeks and differs to the normal “weight loss” programmes out there, offering advice and practical ways to make changes to your lifestyle, all being delivered by Guernsey FC Coaches. 

From good ideas about what and how much to eat, tips on changing your lifestyle, or introducing simple opportunities to exercise everyone can be a winner at Guernsey Football Fans in Training.

The main aims of the programme are to:

  • Feel better about yourself
  • Become more active
  • Lose weight
  • Develop a healthier lifestyle
  • Get fitter

Every 90-minute session contains a different topic, which includes managing your alcohol consumption, understanding food labels and balancing your diet. There is also a physical component to each session. This can be a gentle walk, a circuit session with our trained coaching staff or a game of football.

Football Fans in Training  is open to those who enjoy football or those who just want make changes to their health. 

GFC Chairman Mark Le Tissier was one of the 16 participants when the programme was first launched.

" I could see at first-hand what an impact the programme can have," he said. "It’s delivered in a supportive, fun environment and the results show that we all benefited from the experience. The results really are very impressive from the first programme.

"As a group, we lost 56 kilograms and 112 centimetres from our waists, but as importantly we learnt techniques and gained the confidence to challenge ourselves about our lifestyles. I’d recommend the programme for anyone who wants to take control of their lifestyles." 

Alun Williams, Be Active lead at the Health Improvement Commission, said: "Congratulations to Guernsey FC and the 16 participants of the first Football Fans in Training programme for such excellent results. Changing lifestyles is not easy in the modern world and it’s testimony to the determination of the participants, the enthusiasm of the coaches and the positive community focus of Guernsey FC that each individual who completed the course has spoken so highly of their experience.

"Joining the programme is of particular relevance at the moment as the coronavirus has brought to our attention the health risks of obesity. Losing weight can bring huge benefits for an individual’s health that’s why we are very pleased to support the second programme.

 Visit this link to see a video of Football Fans In Training in action: Football Fans in Training.

The FFIT programme is free and open to men who are aged 35-65, a trouser waist size of 38 inches or belly size of at least 40 inches and a BMI of at least 28. To sign up, or request more information, visit