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G-OGFC update

Date Posted: 08/10/2019

Following the reports in the media regarding the alleged “fake votes” in connection with an Aurigny poll in relation to the new ATR aircraft, GFC has conducted an investigation into the matter and has presented the results of that investigation to the GRFC.

It has been agreed that there were “fake votes", but the GRFC accepts that there were “hundreds” and not “thousands” (as head coach, Jordan Reynolds had first speculated in the GEP on Friday 13th September 2019) and that such votes were cast on behalf of both sides, more for GFC. Aurigny has confirmed that that the number of fake votes did not impact upon the outcome of the poll. On the basis of the GFC investigation, the GRFC have accepted that the person who, at the time they believed was responsible, was not responsible and notwithstanding that they did not name the person that they suspected to be responsible, apologise for any adverse inferences that may have been drawn as a consequence of the comments.

It has not been possible to identify who is responsible and both clubs have agreed not to investigate the matter further.